FY2022 Student Record Resources

​​​​Student Record collects data on the instructional services provided to students by the local school system throughout the regular school year.  The Student Record data collection is the single largest data collection process conducted by the GaDOE.​

General Information 

Student Reco​rd D​ata Element D​etail (Updated 4/27/2022)​
Special Edu​cation Guidelines​​
Student Record Transmission Dates​​

Related Information

Data Collection ​FAQs
GNETS ​F​AQ​​​​  (Updated 3/25/2022)
Place ​of Birth ​Codes​
Language Codes
​◾Special Education Rejected Records Recovery​​​
Student ​Recor​d Checklist​​
Student Support Teams (SST)​  (Link​ to Student Support Teams​ website)
Student Safety - Discipline Matrix​​  (Link to the School Discipline website)​

 Contact Information

Nicholas L. Handville
Chief Data and Privacy Officer​​Technology Services​​​nhandville@doe.k12.ga.us

Technology Service Desk​​
Georgia Department of Education
Phone: (800) 869-1011​