Affordable Connectivity Program



The Georgia Insights Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) dashboard allows Georgia's local districts and schools to compare to compare ACP subscriber data to Georgia's free/reduced lunch data to estimate need within a county or district to reach out to families to help offset the cost of home internet and technology through the ACP.

Dashboard Instructions

Select on a county on the list in the left, or use the district filter to drill down to a county or district level data.

You can adjust the 'Estimate of ACP Households with School-age Children' percent to different level for your own estimate.

The ACP is available to all ages. Based on national data, approximately 50% of all ACP subscribers are in the age range of having school-age children. Among those subscribers, GaDOE estimates approximately half have school-age children. This is represented by the default of 25% (50% x 50%) on the estimate filter. The ACP to FRL ratio can be changed to reflect different estimates of ACP subscribers who have school-age children.

The ACP to FRL ratio was calculated by multiplying the number of ACP subscribers by the estimated percentage of subscribers with school-aged children and dividing that by the number of households reported as FRL in the county.

Data Quality Note: FRL data quality was a concern during the Covid-19 pandemic and those districts that reported FRL data that were historical outliers based on within-district historical trend were marked as ‘N/A’.