Student Support Services Dashboard


The primary purpose of the Student Support Services Dashboard is to make the data collected in Georgia’s Certified/Classified Personnel Index (CPI) on the number of Student Support positions such as School Counselor, Social Worker, and Psychologist easier to explore. The dashboard is designed to create more opportunities for data-driven discussions about the need for Whole Child Student Support Services. The dashboard allows exploration of staffing levels at the state, RESA, and LEA levels, for non-instructional job codes that provide student support. The dashboard displays 15 different "clusters" of job codes representing mainly non-instructional student support positions.

Supporting Documents

Overview Document
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  • LEA: Local Education Agency also known as local school district
  • RESA: Regional Education Support Agency
  • CPI: Certified/Classified Personnel Index
  • FTE: Full-Time Equivalent

Data Sources

The data come from public sources provided through a request from GaDOE or publicly-facing websites. The data sources include:

Combining information from these four sources into one Student Support Services Dashboard enables LEAs, RESAs, the GaDOE, and others to explore how staffing for student support positions compares across LEAs and RESAs.

Dashboard Instructions

Overview Document
Discussion Guide