Request Data

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Requesting Data

All requests for data must be submitted by clicking on Data ​Reque​st Form.

In order to be considered, data requests must meet the following criteria:

1.  The data request is in compliance with all applicable federal, state, 
      and local laws and regulations pertaining to information 
      confidentiality and security.
2.  The requested data are already collected by and exist within the 
3.  The stated educational purpose/intended use of the requested
​      data supports the ethical use of data, as described by the Forum 
      Code of Data Ethics (for more information, see the National 
      Center for Educational Statistics' Forum Guide to Data Ethics
4.  The data request does not require special calculations, analyses, 
      tabulations, or formatting.
5.  The requestor and/or the organization with which the requestor is 
      affiliated will not profit monetarily from the requested data or 
      their use.
6.  If the request is for student-level data, it must be reviewed​ and approved by the ​​Student Data Privacy Review Board (SDPRB) before processing.​

When submitting a data request, requestors should consider the following:

a)   The Department strongly recommends the submission of data requests at least one month prior to the preferred delivery date.

b)   Data requests will be filled as the time and workload of Department staff allow.

c)   The complexity of a data request may increase the amount of time needed to fill it.

d)   Data requests from multiple sources may be delivered in multiple files (i.e., may not be compiled into a single file or report).

Disclosure of De-Identified Student Data

The Student Data Privacy Review Board (SDPRB), comprised of members from the Department’s Legal, Policy and Technology Services divisions, is a committee formed for the purpose of reviewing request for data involving student-level personally identifiable information (PII). The SDPRB is also designed to ensure all legal and ethical policies concerning the release of data are adhered to without violation. Student level research request submitted on behalf of the GaDOE and in support of an initiative of the department will be processed expeditiously.  Student level research request (identifiable or non-identifiable) that is not in support of an agency initiative will be denied.

If research data request is not in support of an agency initiative, researcher may submit an Open Records Request as stated in O.C.G.A §50-18-71 to the following address:

Georgia Department of Education
Office of Legal Services
ATTN: Open Records Officer
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, 2052 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334

For additional questions regarding the Student Data Privacy Review Board, please contact Nicholas Handville - SDPRB Chair via e-mail at:​.​​​​​

 Contact Information

​​​Nicholas L. Handville

Chief Data Officer​​