FY2020 GaDOE SEA Presentations

Alternative Schools and Programs & Securing School Codes​
An Approach for Developing a District Assessment Plan:  Collaboratively Putting the Pieces Together

GO-IEP FTE Submission report help​
Help me!  I've used Title IV, Part A money and can't remember what data I need
How Data Reports Affect Funding
How To Read Your Financial Audit Report
Migrant Data Reporting Requirements and Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX)
Navigating the New SI Dashboard for Equity
Reporting Accurate EL & Immigrant Data - Making Your Data Count!
Reporting Preschool: SWD
School and District Performance Frameworks
Significant Disproportionality - Implementing the New Regulation
Special Education Dashboard - Part 1
Special Education Dashboard - Part 2
Special Education FTE Reporting
Special Education Student Record Reporting
Student Discipline Reporting
Understanding and Reporting Special Education Delivery Models; Student Class Reporting
Using Reports in GO-IEP for FTE
Using TKES and LKES Data to Customize Professional Learning Opportunities
​World Language and Global Workforce Initiatives: Expanding Programs and Horizons​​